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Marcelo Chamma, partner

I devote special attention to the development of leadership and studies on strategy for innovation and corporate governance.

Marcelo Chamma

I worked in big companies like BUNGE Fertilizantes, CIMPOR Cimentos and VOTORANTIM Cimentos in “C level” positions in R&D, Industrial Operations, Sales and Marketing, New Business, M & A and Global Corporate Development.

After I finished working in the corporate world, I began to act as a consultant in several companies and in projects as a consultant, in some cases in partnership with other specialists or companies.

I devote special attention to the development of leadership and studies on strategy for innovation and corporate governance.

A bit of my story

I started my professional life before becoming a mining engineer at the Polytechnic School Sao Paulo University (USP).

It was a period of strong growth in this sector and companies fearing not having good cadres to grow, went to schools and invited the students to permanent stage to prepare them and mainly, to insure them for their organizations. So it was with me, in the Bunge Group.

My first position was as a process engineer in the R&D area at the Bunge industrial complex in the Ribeira Valley.

There, I gained experience in commanding the important R&D core in cement, fertilizers and minerals treatments and then in the area of chemical production, strengthening knowledge that allowed me to take on greater challenges.

Later, in a radical change, he was invited to create a new business for the construction industry, whose success led me to lead the sales and marketing areas of cement and mortars. With the sale of this sector from Bunge to Cimpor Cimentos , I migrated to this new company.

A difficult but very happy decision led me to Votorantim Cimentos where I was able to carry out innovative sales and marketing movements of the entire portfolio distributed to civil construction. Difficult period due to the oscillations of the national economy that required new management concepts to obtain good results.

A new movement and I was invited to create and manage a corporation, with several growing businesses. Here I had the opportunity to act with freedom and practice innovative concepts in management. The superior results, in the generation of value and in the formation of new leaders, were strongly valued and recognized as a consequence of good management practices.

But recently, by bringing together this diversity of experiences and contributing to the growth of Votorantim Cimentos, taking a global position as responsible for corporate strategy and M & A.

All this diversity of areas of action allowed to develop knowledge in management and as a strategist, to give fundamentals, to establish goals and to watch over the discipline of execution.

I can not forget:

I had good leaders who fought for my continued evolution.

I've had leads that turned plans into exceptional results.

That I studied a lot. In books, courses here or abroad.

That I dedicated my heart, falling in love with the projects.

That I always had a reason to believe that my mission was worth it.